“Its That Time Of The Year” Competition!

Win exciting prizes at SweetHacks every monday of the week until Christmas! These guys have already given great prizes before and now, their prizes are even getting bigger.

Joining is very easy and simple, just drop a comment on their contest page. How easy could that get? Don't forget to check their rules and conditions in joining the contest below.

Rules & Conditions:
  1. All entries will only be counted once which means only one comment will be counted (as one entry) towards this particular competition.
  2. Any spam comments or anything deemed as spam will be removed with warning. Any warnings ignored may result in a ban from future competitions or from the whole blog. Please do not test this policy out, you will regret it.
  3. Have fun- The whole idea is for everyone to enjoy the free gifts so kick back, relax and pray to whatever God you worship so that you may win!


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